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Pacific Presents
Pacific Presents is a nationwide concert promoter dedicated to bringing the best in live entertainment to venues across the country. Founded in 2013, Pacific Presents books and produces everything from single show dates to multi-state tours and special events. Working both independently and alongside some of the largest concert promoters in the nation such as AEG Live & LiveNation, we bring the best in live music to clubs, schools, theaters, arenas and amphitheaters across the nation with a specialized team that produces over 150 events each year.
Tim Taber - Transparent Productions

Tim Taber


Jared Gibo - Transparent Productions

Jared Gibo

General Manager

Dave Reece - Transparent Productions

Dave Reece

Production Manager

Adam Stidham - Transparent Productions

Adam Stidham

Production Manager

Lindsay Sickelton - Transparent Productions

Lindsay Sickelton

Director of Operations

Jade Schuck - Transparent Productions

Jade Schuck

Director of Marketing

Kyle Burnside - Transparent Productions

Kyle Burnside

Director of Ticketing

Nikki Hadley - Transparent Productions

Nikki Hadley

Social Media Manager

Lauren Gibo - Transparent Productions

Lauren Gibo

Booking Manager

Kate Johnson - Transparent Productions

Kate Johnson

Finance Manager

Nicole Lamming - Transparent Productions

Nicole Lamming

Marketing Assistant

Grace Kornegay - Transparent Productions

Grace Kornegay

Office Manager